Saturday, February 14, 2009

Divine Healing

EEEEEEEEEEEEE-Z 15 miler this morning in the country. A beautiful run. Since my knee issue I have been running all of my stuff out in the country on gravel and snow. I drove out to Tracy today, parked and run up through Centerville, then deep into the country before heading back. It was snowing the entire time with no wind! It was gorgeous - big, meaty snowflakes. I took really clean, slow, and full strides today. 

My knee is healing so much more quickly than I could have hoped for. I am taking my runs honestly and keeping it at one a day. 20-24 hour recovery between runs has paid dividends. What's more, I am experiencing divine healing. My heart is healing. Peace with life, through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit is real. It has been so long since I have calmed myself enough to know in my heart of hearts that this is true. I have been reading peacefully, enjoying my down times and taking on daily tasks with vigor. The mundane is seeming wonderful again and the moments of the day are presenting themselves, again, as a sweet, sweet gift from God to be used to their fullest - not seen as dreadful, boring and doldrumatic. Life is good. Ba-ba-ba-ba-balance is being restored to my life. Praise be to the Lord. Thank you God. 

Enjoy this day of love. Peace.

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