Friday, February 27, 2009

TGIF and stuff

EEEEEE-Z 11 miler this morning. It was kind of cool, 5 below zero, most likely. My fingies were a bit cold by the end of it. The weather was perfect... in other words, there was no wind. That is the only component of the weather that can be irksome on occasion. Give me rain, snow, sleet, 25 below zero, 110 above, meteorites, cats and dogs from above... but please, oh please, oh mighty atmosphere overhead - keep the wind.

Anyways, it was nice. Peaceful. An honest easy pace. This afternoon I will head up Giffen Coulee for my afternoon match run (on Fridays, I do easy AM/PM match runs - I run the same distance in the AM and the PM, there is no real training secret behind it, it has just become my Friday routine to prepare for my high mileage Saturdays).

Game on.

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