Saturday, February 28, 2009

This week is training...

131 miles this week. Felt great, feel great.

Had an absolutely glorious - clean, smart, quick and fluid - 18 miler this morning. I went out for a 13 miler, then decided to shoot for 15-17 after 4-5 miles, then found myself weaving in out of the streets of Great Falls, lost in time, lost in the moment and ended up putting in about 18. Thanks be to Deane for a delightful conversation for the middle 40 minutes or so of the run. Always great to have a free, wonderful conversation with Papa New Guin. Nothing better really. Accidentally, shot 1 mile over my mileage cap this week, but that's ok. No worries. This week's mileage:

SU: 20 (13+7, easy)
M: 13 (5+8, easy)
T: 20 (13+7)
W: 19 (11+8)
TH: 19 (10+9)
F: 22 (11+11, easy)
SA: 18, steady

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