Monday, March 2, 2009

Weekend Recap

Training this weekend? In a word, awesome. Got in back-to-back long runs at clean, steady and strong paces. Here is what went down.


- Very clean and steady 18 miler


- 6+ in the AM (I had to bail on the 20 miler I had planned due to some gastro-intestinal issues)
- 20 in the PM (2 hours later, after my stomach agreed to do so, I went out on the originally intended 20 miler). A beautiful day, wow, what a beautiful day. I ran well, very fluidly. Took two bug juices along - one in each hand - and a gel. Good fueling.

Always a testament to a well-run weekend is the morning after. Sometimes Monday mornings I feel as thought I had been struck by a bus the day previous. This morning I ran a really nice and easy 10 miler with nothing but a little residual soreness. Good stuff. I feel great for having put in 131 solid miles last week. Thanks be to the Lord for giving me peace with this moment - about running, work, the future, friends, family, LIFE -, this day, this life. Seriously. Glorious.

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