Tuesday, October 28, 2008

5 Mile Loops

Lately, I have been finding myself running at 10K pace, right out the door, on 5 mile loops. They are glorious - fast and furious. The last couple of weeks have been glorious. The race, preparations for Lights on Afterschool, my parents visiting, Lights on Afterschool and life. What great peace God gives us when we sit down, take a deep breath and turn to him in praise and thanksgiving for all the goodness He has bestowed upon us. My parents blow my mind, they are wonderful. My workplace is fantastic. I am loving the kids that I am working with. Running is right where it needs to be. My relationship with God is growing daily. A new and exciting friendship is continuing to deepen. My fridge is full of food and my coffee mug is a'steaming. Life is good. Thanks be to the Lord. There is something glorious about hitting the ground at 10K pace, grinding the hills and pushing hard over the short distance of 5 miles. This winter's training will include several 5 mile grinders a week (in the morn), supplemented with easy 10-12s in the afternoons. I have already noticed the difference in comfort at pace on the longer runs. My goal is to increase my speed over the winter - ultimately I am looking to run a sub 6 hour 50 miler -, before I do my next build-up in the spring. I am on target for that if I continue to maintain consistency and strength in my training. To God be the glory. Getting up and running each morning is not a right, it is a privelage. To God be the glory. Peace.

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