Saturday, October 18, 2008

On pancakes...

There are three ways to know God; through Jesus, Chipotle and pancakes (good ones). The first way, through Jesus, is of course, the only way for us to know our creator. Chipotle is my silly example of an avenue to reach God (though I do think it to be true). Pancakes, my friends, are simply divine. Now, divinity in this sense, is of the Earthly descriptive sort. It is my experience that there are things on this Earth that make us come alive. God programmed us this way. In that way, divinity, comes through those things that make each of us comes alive - we see, feel and know God in those moments. Pancakes, for me, are a reflection of God's greater glory. Divinity shines through an orbus, two-dimensional, wholesome, cake. I don't want to draw this out, the point is, I love pancakes. Presently, I am running errands; just wrote a letter to Brian Jr. in Kenya (my sponsored child); now I am at the library, doing the internet thing and settling my balance (I have a tendency to collect library items and accrue fines, unbeknownced to me, until a freeze is put on my account - fortunately, I have come to budget for this tendency and it is no longer a shock to my pocket-book); next, it is home to eat lunch and take a shower before they turn off the water for the day; then, laundry time. It is game time. Peace and love.

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