Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Hit by a bus... cont.

Today, October 8th, is turning out to be a much better day physically, mentally and spiritually than many of the previous, October, 2008 days. I awoke this morning with an overall feeling of having only walked into the side of a parked bus (as opposed to yesterday, having been struck by a bus). Yesterday was the shortest day of running, by far, since the beginning of this training cycle - end of July. 10 miles total yesterday and none this morning. This afternoon I will go for an easy 6-8 and call it good. Gotta love the taper. I am already feeling perkier than I have in months. The biggest change is in my diet. I am having to eat significantly less than I have for the last several months, as I am only burning 1/4 of the calories I was turning my peak weeks. Just a simple shift in eating habits, thats all, but sometimes that can be difficult. So far, I think I have it. I am all set to go for this weekend's race... My supervisor gave me Friday off (without my asking, what a delight), my lodging is squared away for the weekend, I have a ride to the starting line, my car is prepped and ready... Things are looking good. Life is good and if anyone tells you otherwise, sock 'em in the nose. No, really, gently tell them, in the most peaceful tone you can conjure up, that they are wrong; and that, life is indeed good if only they choose to believe that it is so. Peace.

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