Thursday, October 30, 2008


Yesterday I was 22, today I am 23. Next year, about this time, I will be 24. The problem with aging as a neurotic runner is that growing older means running more miles on your birthday. This is a boon to the neurotic part of a runner, but a problem for the more reasonable, rational human within us all. Anyways, a year ago today I ran the Pikes Peak Marathon route to celebrate my b-day and the year before that I was running Waldo Canyon and some other stuff. Today, I put in 15 miles in GF before work and will be heading out on my favorite 8 mile coulee run this afternoon before LEAP. A glorious day. Everyone has been so kind and nice to me on my B-day. My parents, my friends, my co-workers. I need to learn to take love and accept the blessings that come my way. Love myself really. No need to get into all that. This year has been a whirlwind. I sit here, thinking, "how the f did I get to this point"... graduated from college, moved to MT, joined Americorps, began work at a rural school, won the MT Ultra Championship, have made wonderful friends and have wonderful prospects on the horizon. What's more, life is good and more and more it is becoming clear to me how I should be chasing my dreams, concurrently living in the moment and relishing in the abounding goodness in my life. Service is the calling. Losing myself in serving others... it is my calling. My 23rd year will be a year of dedicated service and honest, thoughtful introspection. Peace.

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