Monday, October 6, 2008

Typical day of training...

As stated in an earlier blog, I typically run 10-13 in the morning, easy, then put in 16-20 in the evening (tempo, at pace, or intervals), 7 days a week at the peak of training. The training looks the same, but the mileage about 30% less during tapers and in between build-ups. Typically, I do 300-400 ab exercises a day (ball crunches, crunches, planks, etc.). I used to do push-ups to maintain my upper body strength, but frankly, I loathe the motion. So, to maintain my upper body I throw in a few "fruit runs" a week. Towards the end of a run I pick up some bananas and split them up evenly between hands, then I proceed to finish off the last couple of miles of the run, bananas in hand, toning my arms (trying anyways). A bit silly, it looks, I am sure. Honestly though, fruit running makes for a great upper body workout. Try it. That is about all I do to stay fit and healthy for races. Somedays training is fun, somedays it is drudgery, somedays it is absolutely heavenly... I enjoy the fun days, push through the days of drudgery, and come alive on the heavenly days.

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