Thursday, October 9, 2008

Coming into my shape...

Yesterday afternoon I put in a very nice and smooth 8 miler on gravel, winding through the coulees of rural Montana. I took a GPS with me to start plotting out a 5K and a 10K race route for an upcoming fundraising as well as to plan out a route for my running club, later in the afternoon. Running club went really well. I have 5 kids, 4th-6th grade, who are gung-ho about running a race. Before going out for a mile run, I had the kids fill out purpose and goal sheets for the club and we discussed discipline and how it applies to running and life. The kids were very open and responsive throughout. We went for a nice mile as a team... that is my emphasize with the club, sticking together and encouraging one another. Everyone finished and our post-processing time was swell. This morning I went for, quite possibly, the easiest (in terms of effort, while keeping the pace good and honest) 8 miler of my life. I am coming into my shape. I did my usually 3 mile "boom-boom" at the 24 hour gas station on 7th st. and 2nd ave. n. The whole of the run was a delight. I have my race plan all set and am feeling prepared physically, mentally and spiritually for the race on Saturday. Thanks be to the Lord. Alright, it is off to grant-writing and strategic planning sessions... Peace and love and all that good stuff.

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