Wednesday, October 15, 2008

On fate, accidents and Don Resset..

Firstly, fate. Not much to say here, other than "stuff happens". Secular fatalists would have us believe that God, as an explanation for all things inexplicable is an uneducated answer to a scientific problem. They have it exactly backwards. Fatalism is a cop-out for all things pre-ordained by God's good and perfect will. Free will gives us choice, which is wholly compatible with the sovereignty of God, and that choice - so necessary to our very essence - allows us to make both good and bad decisions, concurrently allowing evil spirits to be as real as good and perfect, Godly spirits. The more in tune we are with our creator - understanding and abiding - the more His good and perfect Word will be clear to us, hampering the ability of evil spirits to lead us down misguided paths. Sure, stuff happens, but how do you account for it? By chance? Nay, I say. Dig deeper. Fate is a weak answer. Secondly, accidents. Yesterday, on my morning 8 I nearly lost my  life, or at least my health, or something. I nearly lost something is my point. Running 7th St. alley, I edged too close to a 20 foot crevasse in the road and lost my footing... fortunately, there was a bush within reach to grab hold to and pull myself up. Thanks be to the Lord. Thirdly, Don Resset. Great man. Peace.

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