Thursday, October 23, 2008

Over the Mighty Mo

This morning I repeated the 12-13 mile loop that I did in the Monday fog. Today was fogless. It was still a very nice, clean run. I had some serious spunk in me and took the run at a nice, comfortable 6:30-7 minute pace. Not too hard, but enough effort to know I am moving. Yesterday I only made time for a 6 miler, one of the shorter days I have had in awhile...and that six miler was a disgrace. So this morning was a bit redemptive for me. It was great. Chatted with fellow IGA Checkout Runner (I know nothing about him other than that he runs 3 miles on occasion and has back problems from a motorcycle accident) while picking up the morning paper on the way home. Always nice to see him. This evening my parents are rolling into the Falls. I have not seen them since June. It will be a nice break from the stress I create for myself at work. Deeeeeeeeeeeeep breath. Just finished the LEAP video and took out the Elementary recycling... Glorious. Anyways, I have really been enjoying my runs lately. I am in very good shape from my summer and fall training, which has made these morning 12 milers extremely comfortable cruisers. It is nice to come back from a 12 or 15 miler and feel fresh as a button. Good day.

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