Thursday, October 2, 2008

Days of Redemption

I took it easy yesterday, 1 day after my screws came loose on that 16.5 miler; bloody urine, pins and needles and little sleep. Easy 8 in the morning, work, easy 9 in after work. That was good. But this morning proved smoother and better yet. I threw down a really fluid 12 miler before work. A total life affirming jaunt. By the 2nd mile I was cruising along at about 6:30-7 minute pace. Very comfortably. Came to the end of the run feeling fresh and ready for the day; very little soreness, clear urine, and an inner vitality which I have been lacking as of late. A good start to a good day. This evening will be a nice and easy 6-8 miler to process the day and let the legs go loosy goosy. I feel like I am coming into my shape. The aches and pains of the 4 or more weeks at 150 miles or better are going away and fluidity is returning to my gait. It is glorious. This is my favorite part of training. The hard work is behind me, the taper and race ahead, and the goodness of life is at hand.

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