Friday, October 17, 2008

On Obscene Sights...

On my morning 9 miler I cruised past a rather disturbing scene... The thing of it was, that the scene wasn't so disturbing or strange as was the stream of images and memories that the sight elicited. Running 7th Ave. alley I ran past a garage with a freshly slain antelope strewn about. A bit of a shock, as it was unexpected, but beautiful in the sense that the man cleaning the animal seemed to be an honest sportsmen. At any rate, it immediately got me thinking about other strange things I have seen while running, specifically a sight from Colorado Springs. I won't go into any sort of detail, but I will say this, I ran within a couple feet of a teenage couple performing a rather illicit act inside a beater of a car. I am not sure who was more shocked, surprised, or appalled; the couple or me. One thing is for sure, it made us all a bit more conscious of how we behave in public places - at least I hope it is so for the couple. It was a great run this morning... a hard, tempo followed by some pancakes. Glorious. That is all for now. Peace and love and stuff.

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