Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tuesday Tempo

Awesome. First time in awhile that I have been able to go out hard and finish hard. 9 mile tempo this morning. The middle 8 (1/2 to warm-up, 1/2 to cool-down) were at 6:10 or faster pace. The last couple of miles were closer to 5:45 or so. It was great. I felt like I had a bit quicker pace in me, but didn't want to push my luck with my recovering knees and just coming off a high mileage weekend. Ah, it was a very clean, fluid and honestly fast run. I found my stride and didn't feel like I was pushing beyond my means. It felt good to fly, block-by-block, without restraint. Feeling solid post-run too.

I recovered quickly from a fairly intense, high-mileage weekend. 22 on Friday, 18 on Saturday, 26 on Sunday, then 18 yesterday - woke up feeling spry and ready to hit the planned tempo hard this morning. I took the 18 yesterday nice and easy. My shape is great currently. I will continue to be hyper-tuned to my body, making the necessary provisions to my training regimen when needed. I have been stretching with conviction lately too. That has been invaluable in keep loose and ready to roll, day in and day out. God bless all of you actually read this. Peace.

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