Sunday, March 22, 2009

Last Week's Mileage

135 miles last week. Biggest week since November.

SU: 20 (12*+8ez) *steady w/a kick
M: 15 (11+4, ez)
T: 18 (12+6, ez)
W: 20 (13*+7ez) *tempo @ 6:45-6 minute pace
TH: 18 (10+8, ez)
F: 23 (16*+7ez) *steady w/a fair amount of elevation
S: 21 (12+9, ez)

Great running week. Next week? A cutback week. Put in 4 really strong weeks and want to take a preemptive strike on warding off the demon of injury. Going to try to keep it easy, and between 100-110 miles. 

Kind of blue today. A bit lonely, but hanging in there and staying steady - doing nothing rash. Peace.

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