Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thursday Update

Alright, so Tuesday I ran a really sweet tempo in the morn and easy 8 in the PM. Wednesday, I wasn't sure how I was going to go about my mid-week long run... in town in the AM, in the country in the PM? Didn't know. What I chose? In the country during the AM. Awesome. I went on a really clean, fluid, solid, fun, well-fueled 17 miler in the morning. Felt great. 7:30 pace for most of it, with a couple of quicker miles toward the end. Lots of hills, mostly gravel.

I put in 4 more super easy miles to loosen up before heading home.

This morning my easy 11 miler felt nice. Loosened up a bit more and no aches and pains. Lately, I have been feeling really good. Realllllllly good. I put in 3 strong long runs in 5 days without any knee problems at all. I attribute my current shape to stretching really well, eating more and better, taking easy runs honestly and hard runs intensely, praying more, not worrying or being hyper-aware of every little ache, twinge and issue (sometimes I forget that an ache and pain here or there is a part of running 130 plus miles a week).

Anyways, good stuff. This running week has shaped up nicely. Have a glorious day readers. Peace.

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