Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cool Running

This morning's run was nice and cool. -8 air temp and something close to -20 windchill, not too bad honestly. Dress appropriately and enjoy it I say. Put in 9 super easy jogging miles before heading inside for some hot coffee and a hot cake. According to the forecast we should be back on climatic track by the weekend.

My running schedule is beginning to shift to evening runs, after work, what with DST and all, why not? DST gives me an opportunity to spend more time on my legs out here (on gravel) after work. Awaiting longer days...

More sunlight? Nay, less darkness. Of course, less darkness means more light, which means more sunlight, but it is the less darkness that I am eagerly awaiting (and honestly am already enjoying). Morning won't change for awhile - that's ok. No need to. Great Falls is very well lit and quite truthfully there is a place in my heart for dark, cold and quiet runs - very peaceful.

A little blue, but hanging in there. Peace.

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