Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Not an actual site, yet, but may be coming soon. So here I am, sitting, and may be for awhile. It is time for a break. A week, two weeks, a month? Who knows. Yesterday I jogged three horrible miles. Today? I will probably stay seated. Maybe a walk. Against my better judgment I ran hard through the winter season. Now I am paying the price; My body hurts, my legs are weakening and my training has plateaued. The break I should have taken by choice while I was relatively pain-free, will now be taken out of necessity. My Spring/Summer racing plans will be more about finishing than being competitive. It would be easy to toss the plans away, but I need some goals to keep me going, if only at a slow trot.

I may not be blogging for awhile, as there isn't much interesting to say about sitting escapades. Keep moving. Peace.

Note: This doesn't mean that I will not be fundraising any longer. Please, please, please consider supporting an organization that is changing lives through active rehabiliation. Thanks.


Deane Christianson said...

Hey Brian,
Sorry to hear about your body's aches and pains. Hope you get back on your feet soon. BUT PLEASE don't stop writing! When you used to be more philosophical on your blog, it was great stuff. You need to share with the world your thoughts!

Justin Mock said...

Cool, thanks for the comment. I'm guessing you found my blog by Googling The AIR Foundation.

Yes, I remember you from Colfax last year. I talked to Tristan, who finished 2nd at Colfax last year, at AIR's 20 miler on Saturday and he GPS'd the course last year at 26.7, so while I had presumed it to be about a 1/4 long, probably was even longer. I'm running Fort Collins on May 3 this year and think I have a 2:35 in me, especially on that course. I've left the option for Colfax open then two weeks after Fort Collins, but (assuming Fort Collins goes well) am leaning towards skipping it to get ready for the Pikes Peak Marathon.

That 50 time is super quick. Wow. I attempted the Lake City 50 in 07 and DNF'd at mile 22 after going out with the Skaggs brothers. My only 50. A friend and I were planning to get up to MT for the Bridger Ridge Run this year, but it's the same weekend as Pikes.

I'll add your blog up to my Google Reader. Good luck with your training.