Sunday, March 29, 2009


8-16 inches of snow predicted here today. With this snow came a fair amount of wind. Had a fun and easy 12 miler this morning in the snow. It was super fun and clean. Yeehaw. 

It seems that everywhere I choose to live is subject to eradicate spring weather. I love it. Unpredictable stuff, that is. Yesterday I put in 19 miles in shorts and a tee. Today, snow running in tights. A couple of years ago in C. Springs, Greg Chase and I rode 2 feet of fresh, backcountry powder in the morning and then, back in the city in the PM, I was running shirtless through Garden of the Gods. Glorious Colorado. That was more a function of elevation exchange than an actually change in weather, but still, the variability was nice.

80 miles last week. The end of the week really picked up. Nice cut-back week. My legs are feeling great. Fresh. Even with the cutback week last week, March should be another 500+ mile month. 

Back to yesterday. In the morning I went for a nice and easy 12 miler around downtown w/7 laps around Gibson Park loop (1.33 miles). G. Park is great because there is a really nicely cut grass shoulder, aside the paved trail, to run on. Really comfortable running down there. Went out for a 10 miler, but I was enjoying it so much I put in more laps than expected. Lost myself in the run. I put in a nice 7 miler in the PM North, then West through downtown. 

New York Times reported last week that coffee is the miracle beverage of athletes. I couldn't agree more. 

Random thoughts today, I know, thanks for sticking with me.

Longest run last week? 14 miles. First week in months that I haven't put in a long run. I had to stop myself at 14 because I promised my legs no long runs for the week. My definition of long run begins at 15 miles. I often stop short at 14 to stay true to the promises I make with my legs. Anyone else ever make promises to your body? We all have our quirks. 

I am thinking about writing a novel. What about? For what purpose? I do not know. Perhaps, I will write about the strange day-to-day happenings of a small, rural, dried-up mining community on the prairie. No shortage of material there. 

I got a lot done yesterday. Did my laundry, talked to my brother, made a daring trip to Walmart to renew a prescription, cleaned my apartment, banked, grocery shopped and some other things.


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