Saturday, March 21, 2009


23 miles yesterday (A steady and very hilly 16 miler in the AM and an easy 7 in the PM).
Easy 12 miler this morning. Had a nice time out on the road, taking it easy after a hard day.

Lately, I have been running with a knee-brace on my right knee. What a difference that has made. Wow. My right leg is tracking a lot better and overall my alignment has significantly improved. My right leg, since I remember caring (early high school), has been a physiological idiosyncrasy of mine. My right foot is slightly splayed to the right, while my right knee tracks slightly to the left. My left leg is perfect. Always has been. The problem has been that at high mileage I am averaging about 33,500 strides a day, so that any alignment issue is exacerbated by the high use. After 3-4 weeks of running a lot of miles, I have to back off to let my legs reset themselves, so to speak, and then start all over again. The knee brace seems to help me track much more consistently and I am not having the sort of issues after big running days that I have had in the past. It may become a more permanent fixture of my running life. 

Anyways, it is a nice and easy Saturday today. Currently, I am sitting at Schultes Coffeehouse enjoying a b-fast sandwich and some coffee. Not much happening today. Totally okay with that. Peace. 

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