Wednesday, March 25, 2009


A better day today. My knee is feeling a ton better today. Took a really easy 9 miler this morning - enjoyed it and didn't push it. 2 miles yesterday.

Busy day at work yesterday. Had a site visit from my VISTA supervisor. Went really well. Taught my faculty photography class. Went great. Presented a small energy audit/comparison to the school board in the evening. A good day. Got some grant work done yesterday too. Running club this afternoon. Our first race is coming up quick, next month already. Wow. Time flies when you aren't paying attention to it. Tonight I may enjoy a little jog before I go home and continue reading Elie Wiesel's new book. It is difficult to put down. A Mad Desire to Dance is the name if you are interested. It is an intense, deeply psychological, historical novel, centered on the atrocities of the Holocaust. It is MADDENING. It really is good. Check it out.

Deep breath. Game on.

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