Saturday, March 28, 2009

Locked Up

Springtime is slowly making its presence known in MT. Warmer weather and snow-free streets have gotten me excited to commute on my bike again. The other day I got all ready to go, went down to my bike that has been chained up to my apartment building all winter, and stared stupidly at the combo lock. The combination? Flippin a, I can't remember. I tried several possibilities, before remembering that I had a car and hopped in her and took her out on the errands instead. I never wrote down or saved the combination anywhere. "I won't forget", I remember telling myself after purchasing the lock. Fortunately, the combo is only 3 digits, so it will only take, what, up to 999 guesses to get it. Every time I go outside now I try a new set of possible combos. One of these days it will happy. What a joyous day that will be. I will bike again.

1 comment:

Deane Christianson said...

That is indeed a bummer! Perhaps a good chain cutter would do the trick? I have one I would let you borrow, but 1100 miles is kinda far to come get it! : )