Sunday, March 29, 2009

Last Week's Mileage

Specifics... 80 mile cut-back last week. Here is how:

SU: 13, steady in under 1:30
M: 3, jog
T: 2, jog
W: 15 (11+4, ez)
TH: 14 (9+5, ez)
F: 14, steady for 13, 1 mile cool
SA: 19 (12+7, ez)

M and T was like learning to run all over again. The 2 miles (1+1) on Tuesday, seemed much more difficult than my 13 miler on Sunday. So it goes with training... ups and downs. Experience with training seems to lend itself to minimizing the depth of the valleys. Ultimately, volition is always needed to move forward no matter the depth of the valley. I am finding my stride again. Check that. I am retooling the stride that was working pretty well for me. I am working on lengthening my stride and minimizing unnecessary vertical movement to maximize forward speed and minimize the impact on my knees. Proving fruitful so far. Peace.

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