Saturday, March 14, 2009


I am feeling really peaceful currently. Contented, satisfied and for no reason other than God's spirit of peace as descended on me and granted this moment. Wonderful. Presently, I am doing laundry. What a wonderful laundry facility here on 15th St. Free soap, free wi-fi and reasonably priced washers/driers. What more can one ask for in a laundromat? 

Not a whole lot new to report since yesterday. I wussed out on my scheduled 17-21 miler yesterday. It was so darn windy out in the country and I was dog-tired from a couple of nights of little sleep. Instead of going for that long run I went home and took a nap, then went for a 15 miler in town. Took it at a really nice and steady pace. Felt great. Feeling it this morning though. I put in 10 miles at about 9 minute pace. I am loving these really slow runs. They are really relaxing. Had a great coffee time with Don this morning. Talked about life, VISTA work, and future plans. Always a treat to converse with Don. 

I am continually amazed by how unpredictable high mileage running weeks can be. I will go for 3-4 weeks at 130+ miles, feeling like a million bucks, getting in all of my key work outs and recovering quickly afterwards. No problems. Then, a week like this one comes up, where some runs, this morning for instance, I don't feel much more fit than a recreational jogger. Of course, one must be patient during slog running days and know that they are necessary for the legs to fully recover to be able to hit those long and hard runs again. The point is....

Sometimes, even with those things that we are most passionate about, there are serious valleys and troughs in which we question how much we really love our gifts and talents, and the difference between those who truly engage life and those who merely pass through life is how they respond in those dark periods. Those who are achievers push through, knowing that better times are ahead and that "what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger", and those who sit idly, content with the status quo, throw in the towel and pass on to the next "apparently easy" task. This has been one of those weeks for me. But I am pushing through, being smart and staying strong. 

Life is good. God is good. Be peaceful and keep moving. 

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