Sunday, March 22, 2009

Training Philosophy Shift

More and more training has become more about running and living in the moment than heading towards a specific training goal. That is a part of it, no doubt, but I have become significantly less structured and intense in my training approach and that is a good thing. Last training cycle I peaked at about 29 miles a day. This time around it is likely that 19-20 miles a day will be as high as I go. After this cutback week I will have 3 weeks in April to train hard before tapering for my first race. Hard to believe. I am excited though. I feel much more consistent and steady than I did last Fall. I feel like I am more gutsy now too, ready to just push it hard. Yeahhhh. Stoked. Alright, I am going to run for the rest of the afternoon. Have a great day. Peace.

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