Saturday, November 1, 2008

Unexpected Friendships...

Firstly, I ran extra credit on my b-day - 24.5 total. No problem with that. Today, I ran a sick 10 mile tempo run with most of the miles around 6 minute pace - feeling very comfortable the entire way; not too hard, but a good clip. Then, I made a new friend. As I attempt to be ever more present in my day to day activites, I have met new people and made new acquaintances of which I would have never seen as prospective friends. Anyways, cheers to being open to new people and staying present in a good conversation. Life is good. It is amazing what a good conversation can do for the heart. This afternoon I will sprinkle in a nice and easy 6 before din-din to loosen up my legs from this morning. Laundry still needs to be done... frick'n a. Off to the tasks of the day. Peace.

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