Thursday, November 13, 2008

Asics No More

After 2 weeks on a new pair of Asics I have learned a valuable lesson; to stick with what works... in this case of running shoes, Saucony. I felt the Asics blow out on me on my 11 mile tempo run yesterday. The Asics lasted a solid 250 miles and to their credit, they were a comfortable ride while they lasted. Doubtless, the last couple of weeks have seen some pretty gnarly tempo runs, but my Saucony's typically have been able to go 3 to 4 weeks before meeting a similar fate.

Yesterday, I put in a solid 17 miles of hard, tempo running. My 11 miler yesterday was quick and fluid. One of the better runs of the month. This morning I took it easy with an honest 10 mile cruiser. Felt effortless at 7:30 pace. Good stuff. Anyways, life is good, it really is.

Yesterday was a really solid day of work. Steve and I finally unloaded the recycling trailer (after 3 months of accumulation) at the recycling center. We turned in a solid ton or better of paper. It was great. Also, I took in 4 - 60 gallon bags of plastic bags to Walmart to be recycled and redeemed for the 'Kid's Recycling Program'. Good stuff. Not only will the bags be reworked into some other consumer product, we accrued 20 bucks for the effort. Running club was excellent yesterday. I now have 9 kids in the club and they are all advancing nicely on the marathon chart. We played tag yesterday to warm up and then did a 14 minute, run-at-your-own-pace track run. Everyone did well. Marshall and Tanner really stepped it up yesterday and run some really clean strides. Next week we will shoot for a 17 minute run. How encouraging these guys are! Homework time went well. Did my usually sit down with Joe. Helped him through some of his English work. Good stuff. Peace out.

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