Friday, November 7, 2008

Future Running Projects

The odious truth of my present budget and commitment to my Americrops VISTA position is that races, long adventure runs and exotic running tours are pretty well out of the question until late Summer 2009. Which is 'ok', it simply means that I am going to have to get creative with my training and running projects. At any rate, some running prospects for 2009;

- A sub-6 hour 50 miler, a major 50 mile win
- Leadville 100
- Elkhorn 50
- The Colorado Trail, sub-8 days
- Montana Traverse, sub-10 days
- Colorado, Rocky Moutain Traverse (Denver to Grand Junction)
- A couple of tune-up MT marathons

In the meantime, basically now until April or so, I am going to take on some mileage challenges and set some fairly heavy training goals periodically to spice things up a little. In March, I might shoot for a marathon every morning before work for as long as I can stand it (in other words, until the bowels of Great Falls drive me to the edge of lunacy - at which point I stop). There are some possibilities for gym memberships here through the winter. Which of course means treadmill running. One of the great joys of life. I might contrive a few treadmill challenges to spic things up. Back at the University of Colorado I burned out a few treadmills and ended up having the gym attendent ladies start up adjacent treadmills during the middle of my tempo runs so I could jump from my present mill to the next in an effort to save the motors. Maybe a 50 mile treadmill run. Granted, I had the blessing at UCCS of being friends with the director of the fitness center. Maybe I can talk my way into some sort of a fundraiser challenge at a local gym. Anyways, this winter is going to be all about getting creative with my training - keeping it interesting, exciting and new.

Had a really smooth 10sy this morning and am now in the middle of an 8 mile errand run. Good stuff. Great week at work. I feel like I am getting a good hold on the place, the work and what needs to be done. The kids that I work with are wonderful and eager to learn. Life is good. Time to kick back and enjoy the weekend. Peace.

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