Friday, November 14, 2008


An integral piece of my training is gluttony. Last night I did my weekly calorie recovery. Once a week, typically the night before a slow day of work and running, I ingest food and beverage without reservation. Mostly carbs with a fair serving of protein. You must understand that this is not an exercise in compulsive eating and unbridled indulgence, it is simple a utility I run each week to ensure that my gas tank is full. 

After 18 pretty easy miles yesterday I spent the evening wining and dining... 2 cups of rice, a massive tortilla, 2 bowls of cereal, 2 yogurts, a bowl of granola and yogurt, 2 glasses of cab/merlot, several tbsps of peanut butter and a lot of tea. Needless to say, I went to bed sated. This morning, with a full tank of petrol, I hit the road at an easy 7:30 pace for a super chill, easy and honest 12 miler. Returned to my home feeling rather spry and spunky? I am not sure that I have ever felt spunky in my life, actually. But spry, yes.

Just come off a great week at school. Monday was a wash, but the beauty of starting at the bottom is there is only one way to go on the Y axis, up. And the rest of the week was just that; a rise to complete freedom in my work. I really engaged with the kids this week. Running club went great. I wrote some articles for some local publications, completed a mid-term grant evaluation for our health rocks! program, greased up the Centerville recycling machine, began a new mentoring position with Marshall, created a brochure for LEAP, did some more work on the LEAP video and had some good social outings. Today, Don is going to take me around the GF school system and then we are going to go for some lunch. Tonight I may head to the Banff film festival at the Civic Center. Life is good. Deeeeeep breath. Fully sated, presently.

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Deane Christianson said...

Mr. Brian, you definitely have a full and fulfilling life!