Monday, November 24, 2008

On Half'sies...

Put in 23 yesterday (13 easy in the morn and 10 commuter miles in the afternoon). 13 again this morning - a bit quicker and super, duper fluid. Wow, was it clean. Lately, I have been very content with the morning half-marathons. I have been adjusting a few of my normal 13 mile routes to switch it up and reinvigorate the old and stale. I can't say enough about the half'sy this morning, so I will say no more. 

Had a great weekend. I think I finally found my church home in Great Falls. Just a super good, receptive, sharp and fun group of people at the First Congregational Church. Don goes there and so does his supervisor Liz, who is also very nice. Yesterday, I went to their morning worship service, then was invited to and attended their T-giving dinner last evening. It was awesome. The pastor is very nice and easy to get along with. Too many smiles there to recount. The service was very enjoyable. It felt alive and refreshing. It is nice to have a good friend like Don to go with too. It makes it so much easier to connect with others - especially with Don at the helm. I am definitely going to continue to check out FCC in the weeks to come. Good stuff. Very excited about this.

Also, another great thing... reconnected with a few old friends, one of which I had been trying to back in touch with for ages. Greg Chase. A kindred spirit. What a great guy. Juliann, was another friend that gave me a call yesterday - we were able to catch up a bit. Anyways, it was great to talk to some folks who I have shared some incredible life adventures with and who continue to inspire me and keep me hopeful. Life is good all. Peace.

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