Monday, November 3, 2008

Today is Monday

Just had a great running weekend. Put in a little over 40 hard miles. Good stuff. This morning I took 'er easy with a nice and easy 9er before work. Had a great social weekend this weekend as well - put in 5 hours of friendly people time. It was glorious - made a new friend and reaffirmed an old friendship. Isn't it incredibly frustrating how quickly we can come crashing down from an emotional high? It really isn't a crash so much as it is an unsolicited reversion back to the bottom of the philisophical "dell of life". Doubts, fears, anxieties, worries come creeping in and without warning, one (me) finds themself in a place of melancholy introspection. From joy to soy (soy, in this sense is used as a negative metaphor in the context of a dairy farmer's creamy, lactocious, imbibation preference - a leaning towards whole milk over soy) in a matter of minutes. No matter, I am glad I caught the transition mid-stride and recognized it for what it is, so that I may do away with the stink'n think'n (as 'Momma Kay' would say), replacing those thoughts with positive and honest truth. It is time to turn back in thanksgiving and praise from whence blessings flow. Life is good. Peace.

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Deane Christianson said...

Keep on movin' forward! Your life is "running" well... don't lose stride! And keep listen' to your momma!!!!