Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey Trot

Had an incredibly fun, easy, and clean 15 mile 'Turkey Trot' this morning. Wow, I can't say enough about this week of running. I have had some truly transcendental moments out on the road this week. Feelings of total freedom and fluidity. I am so thankful for this health and fitness that the Lord has allowed me. On the run this morning I was contemplating Spring running plans and decided on heading to the 50 mile National Championship in Washington in June, for one. That will be my big trip and adventure of June. During the Spring I will do some personal challenges and run some marathons. I am still set on doing the Colorado Trail in under 8 days in August and am starting to gather the support of an aide crew. 

Blessings abound: What I am thankful for...

- I am so thankful for my families support throughout this last year - things have been difficult, to be sure, but made easier by the kind support of a loving family.
- I am so thankful for my friends - here in MT, and throughout the World - they have sent the right words, at the right times and have always been supportive, wonderful and inspiring. I plan to give more to my friends in the days, weeks, months, years to come... they have given so much to me.
- I am thankful for my health - my fitness. I am well over 300 days into a running streak - everyday for 300 plus days. Over this year I have averaged about 13 or 14 miles a day. All of the mileage only possible because of good health and the Lord's blessing.
- I am thankful for my work. The kids are work with are illuminating and wonderful. They bring life to life and put a face on goodness. It is such a delight to work with the kids of Centerville.
- I am thankful for the Lord's constant involvement in my life. Constantly keeping His watchful eye on me, especially in my darkest hours; keeping me from harm and strong in Him. I am nothing, if not a believer first. Truth.
- I am thankful for pancakes.
- I am thankful for coffee.
- I am thankful for the joy that the combination of pancakes and coffee provides. mmm.

The point is, in a state of thanksgiving, I am strong. We are all made strong in turning to the Lord in praise for the things He has given us. Dwell not on what isn't, or what is and is unpleasant. Think only of honorable, beautiful and lovely things as Paul told the Phillipians. Those are the things that come from the Lord. Have a happy thanksgiving, whomever still reads this blog. Peace.

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Deane Christianson said...

You certainly have lots to be thankful for! Keep on being thankful and true and you will be truly blessed!