Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Strong Tempos

Yesterday I had a nice 16 mile day and today is looking about the same. This morning I threw down a very clean 9 mile tempo run. Most of the miles were around 6 minuters, with a couple sub 6es sprinkled it. It felt great. After running, I threw down on this morning's crossword, finishing it in under 10 minutes. After puzzling, I threw down at the voting booth, registering and voting in under 30 minutes at the Great Falls Melee Center; a great experience. Presently, I am sipping on a Diet Coke and planning for the day at school. God bless America. No matter how this election turns out, one thing is for sure, things are going to change drastically. Of course, that goes without saying, but that is all I could think to say. Peace.

Had a rather soggy 8 mile tempo out at school this afternoon. It was glorious though. Running in the elements is inspiring, and a nice change from the ordinary. The run was strong. I hit the 4 miles back at 6 minute or better pace. Now it is time for the kids to come a fil'n into the LEAP room. Today, the kids will be having a mock election and learning all about how our voting system works. Good stuff. 17 miles for the day. 55 for the week. Awesome. Peace.

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