Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tuesday Workout

Had a great 13-14 mile workout this morning. I built my pace up over the first 6 miles or so (to about 6:30) until I got to the 1.33 Gibson Park Loop and put it in high gear. I threw down with a pretty strong loop. After the push I sank back to 7:30-8 minute pace and began building again for the last 6 miles. By the end of this build I was cruising along at 6:30-7 minute pace again.

The workout was great for feeling out different paces and breaking up the run into several pieces - all of which served a purpose. The entire run was very clean and relaxed. My goal was to not just hit paces, but to sit in paces and let my upper body relax and my legs cycle fluidly beneath. 

Today marks the third half-marathon of the week. 21 miles yesterday. Probably something close to the same today. A nice and easy - and beautiful, it is so nice outside today - 6 or 7 miler will go down this afternoon to loosen up.

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