Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Easy Running...

My shape is good. I put in an easy 16 miler before work this morning - took it at about 7:30 pace, a nice change from the sub 6 runs I have been putting in lately. I returned to my place feeling rather spry and awaited the morning news to see who are new commander-in-chief was. The run was rather uneventful. Very solid, super smooth, but uneventful. Flurries for most of the run... The 'Mighty Mo' was looking mighty perdy this morning... It just occurred to me that I gathered no more information than that from my 2 hours on the road this morning. I need to be more vigilant and involved on these longer runs. Nay, it was what it was. Really solid. I lost myself in the pace and enjoyed the entire run. Good stuff. The amount of introspection need not always be the standard by which I judge runs. At any rate, life is good... school is abuzz with kids and there is much to look forward to today, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, etc.? I don't know what all of that means. Today is club day. I am taking the kids out on a 13 minute individual run around the track today. On our individual timed runs, the kids run at their own pace without thinking about time or distance. The objective is for them to run at a pace that they can comfortably maintain for 13 minutes. We have been building endurance. We started out with a 6 minute run - a run which proved rather difficult for most of the kids. Slowly, but surely we are increasing our time out on the track. The kids are improving and enjoying the fruits of their discipline. Glorious.

This afternoon, I might put in a 6-8 miler, time permitting, before running club. Back to video editing and weak coffee drinking. Love it. Peace.

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