Friday, November 28, 2008

Challenge of the Week

My training challenge for the week was to run at least a half-marathon every AM. I am one day away from completing that. Most days were 14 and 15 milers in the morning and 8s in the afternoon. This morning I ran a really fun 15 miler. The first 7 or so I put in nice and easy, then kicked it up for the last 7 or  8, bananas in hand (for pancakes of course). I am feeling really strong. Truthfully, this week hasn't been much different in terms of training than any other - the change, though slight, is significant and here is why. 

Typically, I set out in the morning with no idea of how far I will go - completely based on feeling. Usually, I end up going anywhere from 9-15 miles every morning and then something of the same in the afternoon. This week, I committed myself to a training plan, of running solid work outs in the morning - 13-15 milers and then taking, laid-back, pleasure-cruising, errand runs of 7-8 in the afternoon. Some of those 13 milers were run only by heart - feeling out the pace based on what is comfortable and truly easy. Some of those 15 milers were run hard - as tempo runs, essentially. Taking "easy runs" truly easy changed my notion of what my training regime looks like. An easy 15 miler is fun, relaxing and refreshing. A hard 15 miler after an easy 15 miler is fun, energized and confidence-reinforcing. My legs are fresh and ready. Anyways, this has been a good week of training and relearning the importance of having a semi-structured regime. Too much structure can be suffocating and too little structure can be dangerous, erratic and ultimately, doesn't lend itself well to discipline in running and life. Peace.

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