Sunday, November 9, 2008

Post-Tempo, Pre-Church Coffee Bliss

Ran a really clean, tight tempo this morning. An 11 miler. The first 6-7 were real strong and steady with the last 3 very tight and 5:30 or better pace. The last mile felt something close to a 5 minuter. Very fun. Physically, mentally, spiritually, I felt tight. Presently, I am sipping on some coffee at Schulte's coffee shop before I head off to church. Not much new to report. Had a fun Saturday night out on the town with Don - attended the symphony, then went out for a beer. My head didn't hit my pillow until Sunday morning. Good stuff. Life is good. Straight up. 

It is a gorgeous day here in GF, I think I might take a nice and easy cruiser this afternoon. 

Flipp'n a. My right wrist has been a bit sore lately. This seemingly unrelated running injury reminds me of the first time I ran more than 30 miles in one push, back in Colorado Springs. I remember waking up the morning after the circumnavigation/mountain run with the expected soreness in my legs, but was taken aback by completely numb and strangely sore arms. Apparently, my arms weren't nearly as well trained as my legs. The continuous cycling of my arms for 4 plus hours proved rather trying on my wimpy little pea-shooters. Needless to say, I took on an upper-body work out regimen immediately to address the problem. Back to my right wrist, at present. My right hand is basically useless, but all is not lost. I am still breathing. Peace.

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