Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Beautiful Sunday

Had a great 10 mile tempo run this morning than a nice walk to and from church. It is such a beautiful day here. In the 50s, only a slight breeze and bluebird. Definitely an 8 or 10 again this afternoon, to chill out with. 

Church was great again. Met a few more folks and enjoyed Pastor Jim's sermon on John the Baptist and the advent of Christ. What hope there was in his talk today. Good stuff. Back to work tomorrow. Very  excited to get back with the kids and get back into the regular schedule before heading home for Christmas in a few weeks! Can't wait. Laundering, presently. That is all for now. Peace and love and all that good stuff.

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Deane Christianson said...

Wow... enjoy the nice weather... we have snow here today... I even shoveled!!!!