Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Training Adjustment

Mileage reduction justification:

1) 20 plus miles a day, during an off-season, maintenance period, is unreasonable.
2) I am not sure how much longer I can afford to eat 6000 plus calories a day.
3) My body - though I feel it not - probably needs a rest.
4) The high mileage is starting to become more of a burden than I care to willingly choose.
5) Winter is coming and likely my mileage will naturally decrease with the cold/inclement weather - might as well begin making the adjustments for the above listed reasons.
6) Lower mileage will force me to focus my training - a couple of key work outs a week and a lot of cool running miles.
7) It is time to focus my energies on other parts of my life - for everything there is a season... my social and spiritual life are lacking, at present, and it is important to adjust my thinking and perception of each day in light of those needs. It is too easy to become neurotic and pre-occupied with bipedal locomotion when it consumes 3 hours a day. 1-2 hours seems more reasonable. 

Now, this is an important moment for me as I adjust my life, not drastically change, just fine-tune the components of my day-to-day, putting each in its proper place. Doubtless, training will pick up in the Spring, but for now, it is unnecessary, counterproductive and foolish to continue at the volume and intensity that I am now.

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