Thursday, November 6, 2008

Revised Off-season Plan

Had a nice and clean 9 miler this morning. Took the first 5 or so nice and easy at about 7 minute pace. The last 3 (before cool-down) I pushed, cutting down each mile by 30 second or more until I came out on the last mile at about 5:30 pace or better. The run felt sharp and well rationed in turns of energy conservation and efficiency, ensuring a rock solid finish. 

Over the last couple of days I have been entertaining some alternative off-season training plans. My goal here, in the off-season, is to have a plan that has a higher percentage of fun and enjoyable runs, than actual fitness/training runs, all the while avoiding even the slightest of injuries. I am very comfortable at 110-120 miles a week. At that mileage I am able to enjoy a majority of my runs without feeling stressed or overly pressured to get out. That kind of mileage, I suppose, is an inextricable part of my daily life. Anything about 120 is heading into extra credit for life and race-prep territory. I will continue sprinkling in a couple of tempo runs a week in an effort to continue increasing my fitness and pace on longer runs. I am going to try to keep the 16+ runs to 3 or less a week - to avoid any possibility of even the slightest injury.

Today will be a nice and short 15 or 16 mile day. Trying to regain some of the energy and calories I lost yesterday. It has been nice to keep the 20 plus days at 3 or less a week, rather than 25 plus, 7 days a week. Eating 6-7 thousand calories a day consistently is super difficult for me in terms of budgeting and actually eating. What's more, I still haven't perfected that kind of calorie load in regards to stomach problems on the 2 a day long runs. 

Alright, time to get to work. Wait, running club was glorious yesterday. The kids were active participates in a meaningful discussion about discipline and what it means for our running, academic and extra-curricular lives. The kids then went to work in the computer lab, researching training, nutrition, cross training, distance and speed-work. My assignment was for them to find some information, drills, training tools that would be beneficial to our club. The kids then presented what they found with excitement before I took them out on a "follow the leader" run. We had a great time. They are truly great little people. Peace.

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