Saturday, April 4, 2009

Ah... A Refreshing Wind-down

I usually wait until Sunday to do the week in review (for some reason - and I know the reason but won't go into it - I switched my running week from Sunday to Saturday instead of Monday to Sunday. Anyways, here it is, last week's mileage:

SU: 19 (12+7, easy)
M:12, tempo
TU: 19 (11+8, easy)
W: 20 (12 moderate+8 easy)
TH: 13 steady, moderate to hard effort
F: 19 (11+8, easy)
SA: 20 (11 easy+9 moderate)

122 miles. 

Feeling really good. New shoes are a large part of that, as well as consistency with the quad work outs. I have been significantly more honest about stretching lately too, that has proved helpful. 

I found my Saturday night Great Falls jackpot: a nice bar, with great live folk/bluegrass/jazz on Saturday nights, great local brews, free wifi, no cover charge, and comfortable... Bert and Ernies, what a great spot. So here I sit, at B and E's sipping on a Harvest Moon Charlie Russell Red Brewski, surfing the web and awaiting the bluegrass feature of the night. Good stuff. 

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