Thursday, April 23, 2009

New Job Butterflies

A good thing just happened. I logged into my Americorps account and saw, for the first time, my two application submissions to potential employers. It gave me butterflies. The good kind. The kind that represent joyful hope for a meaningful future. Prior to that feeling, the reality of the upcoming change was still largely abstract and ambiguous. This is real. I applied for two positions in Missoula. One, working with a High School, studying poverty as it relates to academic performance - using the research to create programs to address the barriers that are limiting the success of those students that come from families in lower income brackets. The second, the position of VISTA leader for the Montana Campus Compact. The more I think about the latter, the more I think I would like to do it and would be good at the job. No doubt, I love working with kids, but I also have a passion for service and engaging my peers in service work. Work in a High School would be good too. I like high schoolers. Anyways, the reality of a change in geography and work elicits feelings of hope, joy and movement in my. The moment is great. My present work is wonderful, but the future, too, is also wonderful.

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Deane Christianson said...

You sir, need to dream big! And you are. God is going to place you where you need to be... where you can help and grow others... and where you can grow yourself! Your future is unlimited... God has it all under control, but He wants you to step out in faith! May God richly bless you and guide you and give you the wisdom you need as you pursue your future!
- Pappa New Guin