Saturday, April 25, 2009

Week Recap

What an incredible week at work, running, and with relationships. The fire of passion for living is beginning to grow in my again. It has always been burning, but the Lord has been blessing me so much lately, that it has become impossible to pretend, ignore and ultimately follow, the convictions of my heart. I feel like Joah often. Hiding, escaping, making excuses and ending up in the mouth of the great beast, in an effort to alleviate the responsibilities that come with accepting a call. I have been following my calling, but only passively, going through the motions. Lately, I have been feeling more and more convicted about this and thankfully, have been receiving the energy and necessary fervor to act on that conviction. So here I go, on a mission to continue serving the World, or at least MT in a greater capacity, using my skills and abilities - God given - to spread joy and life to those in need. Support. God has blessed, no doubt. It is my duty to bless others and show them the joy that comes from letting go and letting God.

126 miles this week. 12 runs. Well short of my last peak, but still a week that I am really proud of. All of the miles were solid. Rock solid. I felt strong and committed to each and every run. I rued no run this week. I am definitely maturing in my approach to training. Being much more calculated, honest (about pace), and disciplined. No knee problems, leg problems or fueling problems. The wheels stayed on. The recap:

SU: 19 (11+8, moderate)
M: 17 (5+12, easy)
T: 13, steady
W: 21 (6+2+13, easy)
TH: 17 (6+11, easy)
F: 16, tempo (down to sub-6 minute pace
SA: 23 (12+11, moderate)

Tomorrow is the Ice Breaker. I am a little nervous. The weather isn't supposed to be to great (cool, really windy, possible snow). Also, of course I am getting all worked up about my preparations with the kids and am putting more pressure on myself than necessary, most likely. Running club made the front page of the Great Falls Tribune. They ran a great article about the crew. Here is the link...

Hope that everyone is having a great weekend, living in the moment. Happy 28th anniversary to Papa New Guin and Momma Kay, two of this blogs most loyal readers. God bless!

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Deane Christianson said...

Thanks for the anniversary wishes. You are such a blessing to us and to those you have the privilege of serving!!!! We love you so very much!!!