Friday, April 10, 2009

An Homage to Coffee

This morning, it occurred to me while sipping on my first, freshly pressed cup of coffee that I am in love. In love with the bean. 

Coffee is great. Here is why. More than containing a sweet little stimulant (caffeine,  of course) the whole air, ambience and aura surrounding the cup of coffee is magical. It is ironic, at least in my life, that I associate the stimulant with relaxation. Regardless of its chemical qualities, the comfort provided by a cup of java in the morning is timeless. No matter the day, no matter weather, no matter life's circumstances, a cup o' joe in the morn is total bliss. 

A Coffee Haiku

Coffee beans abound
In that Dunkin' Donuts pound
Oh, sweet morning bliss

An Unstructured Coffee Poem

Oh, to arise to the aroma,
of that freshly brewed Kona.

Oh, to seek that mid-noon refill,
worries of the day then stand-still.

Oh, that last sip remains glorious,
tomorrow's first cup reigns victorious.

Yip, coffee is good stuff. It is everywhere, always available. Thank goodness for that.

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