Thursday, April 30, 2009


May is just a day away and two feet of fresh snow now sit on the ground here in Great Falls. Yesterday was wet, sloppy, snowy running day. Put in 15 easy miles yesterday. Today, I will take one run this afternoon. If I am to keep under my week max I need to start easing off a bit towards the end of the week. I am feeling great.

As I said, the system that is now leaving us left us with nearly 2 feet of wet/heavy snow. Branches are down, the streets are sloppy and the city is beautiful. It really is a beautiful sight. Another day in town. Not going out to the school today. Going to spend my day picking up donations for our silent auction this Saturday. A task I have been putting off and dreading for no good reason. It will be nice to have it done.

Two great discoveries yesterday; Slumdog Millionaire and Black Swan Shiraz/merlot blend. Dan recommended the movie and man, it turned out to be a great recommendation. Beautiful filmed, great acting and a really fun story line. Easily the best movie that I have seen this year. The wine? Wonderful. I caught a review of the blend in Wine Spectator last month and thought I would give it a shot (it was the only high rating wine that fell within my price range, 5-8 bucks). A fairly fruity blend with a remarkably smooth finish. Very nice. A great pairing - Slumdog Millionaire and the Black Swan Shiraz/merlot.

Well. That is all. Peace.

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