Friday, April 24, 2009

Second Post of the Day

Hate to post twice a day, but I can't help myself. I had an incredible run this afternoon. I saved myself for the afternoon run, and threw down. Went out pretty easy, but was soon feeling great (and effortless) at sub-7 minute pace, and continued to accelerate through the run. By 12 miles I was cruising, at what must have been close to, 6 minute pace. Felt great. I felt really strong and just solid, no nagging aches or pains. Overall, my legs felt equally tired from the work earlier in the week. But nothing out of hand. The wheels didn't fall off. Ended up putting in a 15 mile tempo run with a 1 mile cool down. 

Here is what made it great. It is Friday. Freedom, for one, Friday freedom. The fact that I ran hard with 1-2 pound shoes yesterday (mud caked, comparable to ankle weights). Only a slight breeze today, none of that 20 mph steady wind stuff that I battled all week out in the coulees. Running the roads of great falls was refreshing, just tiny little hills and long stretches to open up. All of these factors came together and God blessed me with a sense of peace on the run. Felt at one with it all, still do. I guess we always can, if we choose to! Yay. Anyways, that is my Friday story. Now I am at the laundromat doing some much needed laundering before the weekend gets too crazy. Time to dry. Peace.

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