Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sat. Day

Well, I broke down and bought some new shoes Thursday. I love new shoe weeks. It is like running on clouds again. My last pair were great... Saucony Pro Grid Rides, last year's model. Unfortunately, I have boughten up all of the Saucony, size 10 (and 10.5, when desperate), sale shoes from Scheels, so now I am working on buying up last year's Asics. I got nearly 5 weeks out of the Grid Rides before I sucked it up (my knees were beginning to feel the cushioning go) and dropped some dollars for a new pair of Asics. 3-4 weeks is about as far as I can go before starting to feel the degradation of the shoe, no matter the quality, but, alas, the Americorps living allowance doesn't factor in shoe wear as a part of the monthly stipend. So five weeks I will continue to stretch to. Hopefully, my wear-testing contract with Saucony will come through this month and shoes will no longer be a problem. We will see, if not, no worries.

Last day of a great running week. Some high points, low points and a lot of air inbetween. One thing that is become clearer to me is my desire and NEED to be pursuing a goal. I lost sight of my running goals for awhile there, but things are coming back into perspective. Races, running adventures, etc. Though I love running, it can be rather burdensome when it remains in a vacuum.

Other goal types, professional, and spiritual are coming back into the picture too, thank goodness. There is a chance I may be able to secure a VISTA position in Colorado Springs this summer! That would be incredible. A great job in a great city, back with some great friends and family. Also, that would help me establish my residency so I can get back to college and secure a graduate degree in education, almost wholly on my education awards from Americorps. The work would be in schools and might actually put me back into UCCS (as the VISTA host site). Good stuff. Hope that everyone is having a great Saturday. Time to do some grocery shopping and take a nap. Peace.

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Deane Christianson said...

Looks like you have some good things happening Bri... can't wait to hear from you and all the happenings.