Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Taper Week Update

Great running week. I haven't felt this strong in a long while. I am hesitant to say this, but I will, only because it is true. I am in the best shape of my life. It is nice going into a taper without any lingering injuries or burnout. I feel strong. Shooting for 75-80 miles this week, then 60 next week. Over a foot of snow has fallen over the last day or so in Great Falls. Sounds like it isn't going to let up until tomorrow morning. Crazy. So far...

SU: 13 (3, Ice Breaker+1 easy+9 steady)
M: 9, tempo
T: 12, easy

My weeks leading up to my first race this year... 3) 126 2) 75-80 1) 55-60 (race)
My last taper... 3) 204 2) 160 1) 133 (race)

What a difference. I feel so much stronger this time around. This lower mileage stuff really is working well for me. I am able to better stomach this lower mileage as I mature in my running life and life in general. No hastily run runs this time around. I am listening to my body with a fine-tuned ear, this time around. Also, in addition to my daily 300 crunches, I have added in squats and the difference in my knee recovery is significant. My downhill feels stronger too. I am getting more and more control over myself and the distances that I move. 120-130 is a good training volume for me. At that volume I can run a couple of strong work outs each week. Above 140 I begin to lose the quality of the work outs. Also, time is a factor. Working full-time it is difficult to maintain the grueling schedule of 160+ miles a week. 120-130 is still a challenge, but is palatable, if only for a couple of months. Always learning, I am. It is great.

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