Friday, April 17, 2009

Cruising in Bozeman

After a slow day of work and some quality time in the Aztek, I arrived in Bozeman for an Americorps function that I am presenting at manana. Anyways, I had some serious energy and excitement in exploring a new city on foot. My legs felt fresh and ready for my tempo run. I nailed it. Just flew and felt so darn-tooting comfortable. I really have no clue how far I moved. I just ran a comfortably hard pace for an hour and fifteen. My stride was long, smooth and strong. My upper body stayed virtually motionless. It is hard to say, but I can't help but think that most of the miles were 6 minute pace or faster. Very clean run. I explored most of the city in the run. Starting near I-90 at my hotel, I made my way down to MSU. Ran around the campus, past the stadium, to the museum of the rockies and then made my way through some neighborhoods to downtown, cruised through dowtown then through some retail areas on a walking path back to my hotel. What a great run. My legs are tired. And thats good. I ran really hard on concrete and won't be running much tomorrow - easy run sometime in the evening. Run well at your 5k dad!

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